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The annual assessment is collected each year to pay for common expenses incurred by the association such as street light bills, insurance for the common areas (park), lawn care and maintenance and upkeep of the park. The restrictive covenants for our properties require this payment, and if payment is not received by the due date, it constitutes a lien against your property.
2018 Annual Dues Information:
Annual Dues are $100.00. Payment Due Date was January 31, 2019. Please send a check made out to "Brookfield Heights Homeowner's Association" to this address:
Brookfield Heights Homeowners Association
ATTN: Annual Assessment
P.O. Box 6502
Lafayette, IN 47903

 For your convenience you may now pay your dues online.  Click on Pay HOA Dues.  There is a small PayPal service fee of $3.29
If you have misplaced your assessment letter, please click below to download or contact the HOA Board to arrange getting another copy.


BHHA 2019 Budget.pdf (PDF — 446 KB)

Neighborhood Watch
NOTICE!!! Brookfield Heights needs your help. We are looking for people to volunteer to help protect our neighborhood. At this time we currently are using NextDoor, an online neighborhood, to facilitate our neighborhood watch program.  Join us by CLICKING HERE to continue making our neighborhood a safe place to live!
Our Mission Statement:
  • Increase awareness of crime prevention.
  • Keep our neighborhood a safe place in which to live, work and play.
  • Create a neighborhood network to decrease “my neighbor is a stranger factor”.      
For more information please CLICK HERE to contact the BHHA Board. 

The BHHA Board keeps homeowners up-to-date with the latest neighborhood information by mailing homeowners newsletters periodically throughout the calendar year.  Neighborhood events, covenant reminders and other announcements are just a few important items included in the newsletters.  Click on the link below to view our current newsletter.

CLICK HERE for previous newsletters.

Next Door (Online Brookfield Heights Neighborhood)
To assist in creating a stronger network of communication among homeowners in our neighborhood, Brookfield Heights joined NextDoor, an online neighborhood community.  Through this site, referred to us by the West Lafayette Police Dept. and the Tippecanoe Co. Sheriff's Dept., we can communicate with each other about Crime and Safety Updates, Resources (much like a neighborhood version of Classified Ads), Neighborhood Events, Lost and Found and more!  To sign-up to begin meeting new neighbors and join in on the conversation CLICK HERE.  
Building Approvals
When the weather is nice, everyone starts their summer clean up. There may be some improvement projects that homeowners may want to pursue. Please remember that our covenants state that many of these projects and improvements require a written proposal and drawing approved by the Improvements Committee prior to construction. This can easily be done by contacting our BHHA Board. CLICK HERE to contact us.
No Soliciting is allowed in our neighborhood without Board Approval.
Our neighborhood has restrictions on soliciting. If you or your children want to go door-to door, contact the board at (765) 335-2442 or (765) 335-BHHA or CLICK HERE for a permit. We use the ‘No Soliciting’ as a tool to keep problems out of our neighborhood. If solicitors want to solicit in Tippecanoe County, they must contact the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department for restrictions.
Things to do if an outside solicitor comes to your door:
  • Please state clearly that Brookfield Heights is closed to outside solicitors, and that they are trespassing.
  • Ask them to immediately leave the neighborhood.
If you have any questions about this program, please call Brookfield Heights at:
(765) 335-2442 or (765) 335-BHHA.

Neighborhood Street Lights and Road Information